Friday, July 31, 2015

Why it Matters

Recently I have been struggling to make YouTube videos.  I am battling my annual Summer insomnia, and have been doing a lot of reading which has rustled my jimmies into the stratosphere.  There are a million topics that I would like to talk about and several planned videos that I have not gotten to yet, but lately I seem to be incapable of producing an extemporaneous video that is worth a damn.  So, I decided to try my hand at blogging once again.

I will start with a topic that I intended to tackle on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago, about the real issues that we face, and why the racial and cultural topics that I have been discussing for the last several months matter.  I started to get into it with a video titled "Why I am No Longer an Anarchist," which I am afraid came off quite badly and missed the most important point that I had intended to make.  If I had been more on point, I would have titled it "Why I No Longer Care about Anarchy," which more accurately represents my feelings on the subject.

After having been an evangelistic Libertarian/AnCap vlogger on You Tube for several years, I am simply no longer interested in the radical individualist, anti-statist aspect of the liberty movement.  At this point, I don't know what to make of people who are angry because they can't smoke weed in the park, but are unfazed at the prospect of the United States becoming a Hispanic, Spanish-speaking country, or of Northern Europe becoming a caliphate.  I have no use for such fools.

The libertarian movement is blind to the real problems that threaten our freedom, and has been thoroughly infiltrated with leftist egalitarian ideas.  Libertarianism now seems to represent little besides vice and hyper individualism, and attempts to appease the Left by signalling as anti-racist and helping to deconstruct traditional Western values and institutions.

There is still much about libertarianism that I agree with.  I am as firmly libertarian as one can possibly be on the subject of weapons ownership.  I believe that the Austrian school of economics is more correct than anyone other system.  I hate it that the strong are penalized in order to subsidize the weak and incompetent.  And I truly hope that one day an alternative to taxation can be found.  I am, in fact, essentially a practicing Agorist.  I avoid in any way possible giving support to a government that actively seeks to dispossess me and destroy all that I value.  I believe that minimal government is the ideal, and if the creation of a stable anarchic polity every becomes possible, then I am all for it.  But I came to realize that most of what I hate about the state is not necessarily part and parcel of governments and nation states, but is the result of Leftist control and policies.

The real, life or death problems that we face today are the demographic replacement of Whites and the systematic moral and cultural destruction of Western Civilization.  With few exceptions, a notable one being Libertarian Realist, libertarians are silent on these issues.  They remain silent out of a fear of being labeled "racist," and out of a fatally mistaken belief that liberals will join their side if they signal hard enough that they like weed and transsexuals and hate the racist popo.  Any who speak in favor of national borders or against mass immigration are denounced as statists or racists, or both.  This has led to a migration of many libertarians and ancaps, myself included, into the alternative right and reactosphere.

Libertarians have become so myopically focused on the individual that they have lost sight of the fact, or have chosen to ignore it, that groups, peoples, and cultures also have a right to exist, that they have a right to defend themselves, that by any measure of sanity they ought to defend themselves.  This, of course, would not be controversial at all except that I am talking about White people.

White people have a right to exist.

White people matter.

Western Civilization matters.

Liberals ignore the fact that everything that they value is a product of White, Western Civilization.  Liberalism, in all of its forms, good and bad, from classical liberalism to modern democratic egalitarian progressivism, is European.  The virtues of tolerance, open-mindedness, and individual liberty are held far more dearly by Whites than by any other people.

American conservatives are nearly as ignorant.  If they are unwilling to conserve White culture and a White majority in the United States, then there is simply nothing else worth conserving.  Instead, like many libertarians, they are primarily concerned with anti-racist signalling.  Republicans refuse to represent the interests of White Americans, preferring instead to court Hispanics, whom they believe with staggering stupidity to be "natural conservatives."

 The West has been unparalleled in social and scientific progress, because of who we are.   We have uniquely evolved to create this culture.  I highly recommend this talk by Curt Doolittle about the origins of the high-trust, truth-speaking culture of Northern Europe and what that has done for us.  Western Civilization can no more be carried on by Blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims than Chinese civilization could be produced by Europeans, or Mayan civilization replicated by Amazonian natives.  Individuals may be shaped by the culture around them, but ultimately culture is produced by people.  Our culture, our civilization, is made by us.  It is our own.

The current trend of demographic replacement and cultural degeneracy is leading us to a bad place.  Western Civilization has been the light of the world for centuries.  When that light goes out, there will be darkness.  It cannot survive without White people, and White people will not survive if our identity and culture are destroyed.

This matters to me.