Thursday, September 10, 2015

Moly Gets It

Even at the height of my Libertarian fervor, I was never much of a fan of Stephan Molyneux.  His ideas about parenting and the cult-like vibe of his fans were too much for me.  But, ironically, I find myself watching his videos fairly often these days.  He has actually been putting out some pretty good material on some topics.

A point that I have tried to make in a couple of pieces on this blog is that the values of White people, regardless of whether they are conservatives, liberals, libertarians, or whatever else, including the most cucked anti-racist progressives, are essentially White European values; and that when White countries become flooded by angry hordes from alien cultures, those values will cease to have any meaning.    Moly, of all people, seems to understand this, and does a pretty damn good job of explaining it in this video.  I started watching it, half expecting to hear a bunch of bull about how borders are arbitrary lines on a map, drawn by evil statists, but there is none of that here.

There are a few subtle things that he says here that I disagree with, but in general he hits the nail on the head.  More people need to wake up to this if Western Civilization is going to survive the wave of hostile alien invaders pouring into Europe.  I would like to have written something about the ongoing "migrant" crisis, and may yet do so, but at the moment I find the subject too infuriating.

Stephan Molyneux seems to have taken a bit of a right turn, and some speculate that he might actually be a closeted White Nationalist.  He still holds the bizarre view that spanking children is the root of all statist misery in the world, but his recent videos on the subject of race and demographics have been excellent attacks on the PC narrative.   I also recommend this comprehensive video on the historical realities of slavery, including the suppressed history of Muslims enslaving Europeans.

Moly is worth keeping an eye on. 


  1. He has become a little more strident in his free market analysis(I saw his video on Lincoln) but whatever bothered you I'm sure would make me cringe. Let me guess (I'm not going to watch his video). Western culture is the product of a social evolution away from our animal brain toward his projected view of what it should be. His view is the true inheritor of human progress and since western culture, conveniently and unknowingly, was successful despite not doing everything he suggests, it would be a shame if we lost all the progress he is responsible for by bringing into it things that will have a bad effect because, well, bad things produce bad effects.For a historian, his lack of knowledge of Ukrainian/Russian history was shocking and his analysis of events was puerile and offensive. (People didn't die at Maidan because the US paid them to support a trade treaty. They died because they wanted a government more like Poland than Belarus and saw what direction the Russian created corruption was taking them.) Google the BBC video Radical: I'm a proud racist.. I think you'll find it interesting.

    1. That's what I would have expected, but he didn't get into anything that stupid. Didn't really talk about libertarianism at all, not explicitly. Quite a bit of it could have come from the mouth of a right-wing nationalist. Here's a 1 minute clip from a part where he's talking about how traditional European freedoms are fragile, hard-won gifts that politicians have no right to squander to avoid being called "racists." The main things that bugged me was one point where he slipped in his spanking ideas, and another part where he went on about rationalism and empiricism being the greatest things ever. The more philosophy I absorb, the more of an anti-modernist I become.

      It seems like most libertarians have been pretty dumb on anything related to Russia, which is one of the things that turned me off of them. I'll check out the video.

  2. Very impressed with the new direction of thought you've undertaken. I tread lightly with regards to most of these subjects because of the climate now. Perhaps it fits nicely into why I started prepping. I do enjoy getting to (sorta) get to hang out with you again :)

    1. Luckily I don't have to worry about appearing respectable, lol. I would have to be pretty cautious if I had a job with the level of social scrutiny that most people are subjected to. Definitely a good time to be prepping.