Monday, September 21, 2015

Clock Boy

Lest I be accused of knee-jerk racism, let me first say that I was initially sympathetic with Ahmed Mohamed, after seeing the mainstream TV news version of the story.  We all know that schools will call the cops and suspend kids over practically nothing, such as nibbling a pop tart into a vaguely gun-like shape and other equally nefarious deeds.  I figured some brainless cat-lady teacher wet herself and called the cops at the sight of a box with wires in it, giving the kid no chance to explain himself or his invention.  I've seen it happen myself in similar circumstances, one of them involving a catalog with knives in it over which the state police were called, so naturally it's what I assumed happened here.

Of course, if your name is Ahmed Mohamed or something similar you should probably know enough to expect some nervous reactions when you show up with something that looks like this,
but it seemed reasonable to chalk the incident up to a massive overreaction by the school.

Except that it didn't exactly happen that way.

One thing that really irritates me about this story is the nature of Mohamed's "invention."  He claims to have made it to impress his engineering teacher, and has since had praise heaped upon him in surreal fashion by the President of the United States, and MIT astrophysicist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, who told him, "You are the kind of student that we want at places like MIT and Harvard."  But he either does not know what the word "invention" means, or is deliberately abusing the term.  He has not invented anything.  He has not even built a clock.  What he actually did was take apart an alarm clock and put its internal parts loosely into a box.  It may seem like I am being a bit harsh considering that he is fourteen years old, but the level of praise being gushed all over him for his alleged scientific prowess is ridiculous.  If he had actually put together some electronics components and made a functional clock, it would have been somewhat impressive.  But he literally took apart a clock, and put its guts in a box, repeatedly referring to the mess as "my invention".  A box of wires and doodads that any sane person would be nervous to see in the hands of a Muslim.

A closer examination of his behavior reveals that he may have had motivations other than impressing his engineering teacher, who looked at it and wisely advised him to keep it hidden.  The incident began in Mohamed's English class, where, as is explained in the video posted below, he apparently plugged the device into an outlet and set the alarm clock to go off in the middle of class.  Not a smart move, if he intended to keep a low profile.  There is also the fact that he chose to do this on the first school day after the anniversary of 9-11.   He has changed some details of his story, and when confronted by his English teacher and then the police, he refused to adequately explain himself or the device, simply insisting "It's a clock," with no further explanation.  When being interrogated, he never mentioned the engineering teacher, who might have vouched for him.

He was suspended for bringing a hoax bomb to school.  In light of the relevant evidence, this does not seem unreasonable, possibly even lenient.  Despite his protestations and claims of innocent motivations, his actions seem to have been deliberately calculated to generate an incident.  This looks very much like a premeditated act of disruption, intended to generate backlash against perceived "Islamophobia."

Stephan Molyneux presents evidence that this may have been a publicity stunt on behalf of Mohamed's father, who apparently nurtures delusions of being a great religious leader.  This, coupled with the public outpouring of sympathy, national attention, endless praise, and thousands of dollars in donations that Ahmed Mohamed has received, leads me to believe that he is in fact a little shit who got exactly the reaction that he wanted from his school.  Moly once again dons his Shitlord hat and lays it out in full detail in this video, pointing out the asinine, race-baiting narrative being spun, with no libertardian commentary to speak of:

Much of the country seems to be too busy tripping over themselves in their progressive ardor to signal their Islamophilic enlightenment to see what is really going on here.  The real lesson is that this, and much, much worse will continue happening until the sand people are made to go home.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Moly Gets It

Even at the height of my Libertarian fervor, I was never much of a fan of Stephan Molyneux.  His ideas about parenting and the cult-like vibe of his fans were too much for me.  But, ironically, I find myself watching his videos fairly often these days.  He has actually been putting out some pretty good material on some topics.

A point that I have tried to make in a couple of pieces on this blog is that the values of White people, regardless of whether they are conservatives, liberals, libertarians, or whatever else, including the most cucked anti-racist progressives, are essentially White European values; and that when White countries become flooded by angry hordes from alien cultures, those values will cease to have any meaning.    Moly, of all people, seems to understand this, and does a pretty damn good job of explaining it in this video.  I started watching it, half expecting to hear a bunch of bull about how borders are arbitrary lines on a map, drawn by evil statists, but there is none of that here.

There are a few subtle things that he says here that I disagree with, but in general he hits the nail on the head.  More people need to wake up to this if Western Civilization is going to survive the wave of hostile alien invaders pouring into Europe.  I would like to have written something about the ongoing "migrant" crisis, and may yet do so, but at the moment I find the subject too infuriating.

Stephan Molyneux seems to have taken a bit of a right turn, and some speculate that he might actually be a closeted White Nationalist.  He still holds the bizarre view that spanking children is the root of all statist misery in the world, but his recent videos on the subject of race and demographics have been excellent attacks on the PC narrative.   I also recommend this comprehensive video on the historical realities of slavery, including the suppressed history of Muslims enslaving Europeans.

Moly is worth keeping an eye on. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Thought of the Day

If you take the logic behind the liberal view of transgenderism and apply it to women with anorexia, then what they really are is fat women trapped in skinny women's bodies.  Calling it a mental illness or saying that they should be "helped" makes you an ignorant bigot.  Just because you weigh 60 pounds doesn't mean that you can't see yourself as fat.  OMG, so much this, its 2015, I can't even.

The same logic also has some interesting implications regarding guys that think they're Napoleon, or Jesus.