Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle Light--A Beacon of European Culture

I very rarely find myself moved by a piece of art as much as I am by this beautiful sword crafted by swordsmith Petr Florianek.  This piece was made for an exhibition of swords by contemporary smiths at the Deutsches Klingenmuseum.  The theme of the exhibition is "sword of piercing light."  Florianek's piece is called Beadoleoma, "Battle Light."  Every feature of the sword is symbolic of Northern European culture and civilization, which I will let the maker explain himself in this video.  I recommend watching it in full screen.

More pictures can be seen here, and his website is here.  This is the kind of thing that I wish more people appreciated.  This sword offers a brief glimpse into a history and culture that spans millennia, a heritage that has been mostly forgotten.  It is a reminder that we come from somewhere, from something. 

Few people, if any, appreciate the history and culture of ancient Europe as much as the students and makers of historical European  blades.  Pursuing this interest definitely spurred my research into European history.  I don't know whether racialist views are more common among bladesmiths of the European tradition; if so, they keep it to themselves, which is to be expected in today's world where a "racist" post on the internet can cost one his job.  Controversial subjects are discouraged on bladesmithing forums.  I in no way wish to imply that Petr Florianek or any other smiths have any racial opinions one way or the other, but I appreciate what their craft does to help preserve our history.

This sword has inspired me to write about the topic of White identity and the disappearance of it, but I will save that  for a future post.

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