Friday, August 28, 2015

QOTD: Jonathan Bowden

"Liberalism is moral syphilis. And I'm stepping over it."
-Jonathan Bowden

Jonathan Bowden was one of the greatest thinkers and speakers of the Right.  Sadly, he died much too soon in 2012, of a heart attack.  I was captivated from the first of his orations that I listened too, which was a speech entitled "Western Civilization Bites Back."  A search for "Jonathan Bowden" on YouTube will turn up a multitude of lectures and speeches by Bowden on a number of fascinating topics.

This quote comes from another talk called "Credo: A Nietzschean Testament" which can be read or listened to here.  For the casual viewer, I want to point out that by "liberalism," Bowden doesn't simply mean the sort bitched about by Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh; he means all of Liberalism, from Classical Liberalism on, from the first emergence of the Left.  The entire stinking mess, the syphilitic rot that threatens to destroy our civilization. 

I'm stepping over all of it.

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