Monday, August 24, 2015

The disapearance of White Identity

This post is somewhat of a continuation of this one, separated so as to avoid tarring the swordsmith featured in that piece with the brush of "racism."

I first began to become "red pilled" on the subject of race when I realized the degree to which White identity is marginalized and denied in the modern world.  This is still the essence of my racialist views.  I am infuriated by the widespread belief that White people have no culture, and no interests that need looking after, that we should just disconnect from our "racist" past and allow ourselves to be bred out of existence.  The White race is portrayed as a faceless monster which sprang from nothingness, that has only oppressed and stolen from other cultures.

I didn't become aware of this trend overnight.  The process took several years, but I vividly remember the moment that it began.  One night about eight or ten years ago, I was reading a collection of essays about Appalachian culture.  I forget the name of the book, it is packed away somewhere now.  One of the essays contained a statement to the effect of assuring that Appalachian culture is not just a lame attempt at White ethnicity.  Attempt at White ethnicity?  I didn't understand.  I had always assumed that White people have an ethnic background like everyone else in the world, but this statement seemed to imply that White people have no ethnicity.  It also seemed to imply that White people "attempting" to have or express ethnicity is a bad thing.

Well, I thought, Maybe I just don't understand it.  I continued reading, but that phrase, lame attempt at White ethnicity, remained subconsciously at the back of my mind.  Over the years it would resurface occasionally, like the tip of an iceberg, when I would see "cultured" Whites on television, in books, and in real life, praising other cultures, other ethnicities, and other religious or philosophical traditions, but never their own.  I still didn't make the connection, but it would trigger the faint whisper, ...attempt at White ethnicity... with the implication that we have none of our own.

With every liberal exhortation to "get some culture," every celebration of "diversity," and every Cultural Marxist critique of White historical figures as pathological old dead white guys, my awareness grew until it finally dawned on me in full consciousness; every mainstream use of the word "ethnicity" means non-White ethnicity.  Every reference to "culture" means non-White culture.  Diversity means the proliferation of non-Whites to the point of demographic replacement.  White history is nothing but a series of crimes and cultural thefts.  Even the shallow, tepid version of European history taught in public schools is too Eurocentric, too White.  All mainstream discussion of racial issues consists of the fanciful grievances of non-Whites against Whites.  Indeed, we are told over and over that race does not exist--but what is really meant by this is that the White race does not exist; no good anti-racist would ever directly claim that the African or Asian races don't exist.  Even Jews are a race when it suits them.  But not us.  Whites are a social construct, which we apparently constructed ourselves; but to dwell too long on this paradox is to risk madness.

The orthodox narrative is full of such paradoxes.  All races are equal (and of course race doesn't exist anyway), and yet Blacks are oppressed by "White Supremacy" (not "supremacists" or "supremacism", but by the sheer intellectual and economic superiority of Whites, according to many anti-racists).  Others believe that the United States is in fact controlled by a vast White Supremacist conspiracy, despite evidence to the contrary in the form of the constant anti-racist, anti-White narrative being pushed in all schools and mainstream media.  Whites are portrayed as uniquely oppressive, and uniquely "racist," despite the fact that White identity and advocacy of White interests are all but nonexistent, and racial consciousness and identity are common in every other race.  Thus, when Malik Zulu Shabbazz or Khalid Abdul Muhammad openly advocate the mass murder of White people, it is not racist.  But when Jared Taylor talks about White identity, it is taken as evidence of genocidal hatred.

A Civil Rights activist.

A hateful bigot.  

To suggest that these captions should be reversed is racist.

The lesson that is taught to Whites is that you have no race, you have no identity.  No real culture, no real history.  Nothing to be proud of.  You are the cancer of human history.  Any community of White people is at best boring and repressive, and needs to be improved by an infusion of Somalis, culturally enriched by vibrant Blacks, Muslims, and Latinos.  And any objection means that you are a racist, a Nazi, a monster, twisted by hate, from whom decent people must be protected.  This all passes under the noses of thoroughly indoctrinated and de-rascinated Whites without much notice.  Most want only to be socially acceptable and avoid accusations of racism.  But when one becomes of the lies and the scale of the assault on White identity, it is infuriating.  The surprising thing about the Dylan Roof incident is that it doesn't happen every week.

The erosion of White identity has been a deliberate move by the Left.  It's course can be traced through Boasian anthropology, the Psychoanalytic movement, the Frankfurt School of sociology, and any other intellectual movement embraced by the Left which has wormed its way into the mainstream.

All of this needs to be stopped, and reversed.  People are drawn to the Alt Right and Reactosphere because they are aware that Western Civilization is in dire peril.  Western Civilization is White Civilization, and it cannot be saved without a rebirth of White identity.  That must be our first goal.  Of all the cultural and ideological damage that has been done to the West, the destruction of White identity is possibly the worst, and in my opinion is the first that needs to be corrected, because Whites will not begin to care about saving their Tradition, their civilization, or any of the higher ideas of the Right until they care about their own race.

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